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I am a passionately creative soul, a musician, Song Therapist, poet and artist with a particular interest in utilising creative expressions as a self regulation tool to manage mental health and wellness.


Additional to this, I am a fully qualified Lived Experience Practitioner with 10 years experience in the Community Services field. I have certifications in Counselling, Community Services, Trauma Informed Support, Peer Mentoring and more….with a working history in Mental Health, Housing and Homelessness, Family Services, Peer Support, Youth Work and Trauma Recovery. I am super passionate about educating practitioners and consumers on how to work/heal in a trauma informed way. As well as my lived experience of PTSD, I have completed comprehensive Trauma Training and am certified in Complex Trauma Support.

My creative pursuits and Song Therapy circles revolve whole heartedly around spiritual connection, mental health recovery and creative expression to release and explore our deepest thoughts and feelings in a safe space.


Please head to my social media platforms for more information about my art, music, Song Therapy sessions and poetry.


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“If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.” – Emile Zola”

Q & A

1) What is your creative mission?
2) When you say ‘doin the work’, what do you mean?
3) Tell us about your journey as a poet.
4) How did you reframe your evaluation of self-worth?
5) Tell us about your journey from that little girl to where you are today.
6) Tell us about your vows and why they’ve been so important to reframing your outlook.
7) What would you pick as a ‘stand out’ poem from your upcoming publication, Warrior Womyn?
8) What is the #1 thing you’re hoping to communicate through Warrior Womyn?
9) Tell us about the importance spirituality has in your creative journey.
10) What would you tell yourself 12 months ago at ‘rock-bottom’?
11) What is your strategy for coping with hardship?
12) Do you see ‘quick fix’ solutions as a negative in mental health?
13) How has song therapy shaped your past 12 months?
14) What would you say to someone starting out as a writer or poet?


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